Dog Nail Trimming Services in Simi Valley, CA


Keep your dog clean and happy with the grooming services from Nazy at The Perfect Pups Spa. Whether it is time for your pup’s next dog wash, or you are looking for dog nail trimming services in Simi Valley, CA, count on us to keep your pet comfortable throughout the process.

Regular Nail Trimming Services

Too-long nails are not only noisy on your floors, but they can cause your dog pain during your daily walks. Our spa features regular dog nail trimming services to keep those claws the proper length. We use top tools to ensure that your pet is kept comfortable and safe during the trimming.

Complete Dog Wash Options

No one wants to be around a dirty and smelly dog. Take your pup in for a regular dog wash to keep your furry friend looking and smelling great. Our groomer uses trusted products to take care of your pet’s skin and fur. You’ll leave with a happy and beautiful dog!

Trimming Your Pup’s Fur

Dealing with a shedding dog in your home? Don’t let your long-haired pup leave your space a furry mess. A dog haircut offers a number of benefits for your pet. Regular grooming not only helps the dog maintain a healthy coat and skin, but it also leaves your pet looking and smelling great while reducing shedding.

At our dog spa, we take the time to take care of your beloved pet. Our groomer treats your dog like a member of the family.

Contact us in Simi Valley, California, for a grooming appointment at our pet spa. We offer services for dogs throughout the area.