Your Local Dog Groomers in Simi Valley, CA

Small Dog Grooming, Simi Valley, CA

Nazy grew up loving all animals, especially the K-9’s we like to call our best friends. Owning three little ones of her own, she understands that picking the right groomer is very important and often difficult. Upon trying many groomers for her own dogs, she realized that for many it was strictly business – no love or passion behind the grooming. Nazy decided to fill in that void by becoming that loving and caring groomer everyone wants for their dogs.

Nazy has experience in grooming dogs of all breeds. She understands that dogs have certain needs and she will always groom each dog with love, care, and patience.

Nazy openly communicates with her clients. “The most important part of a groomer’s job is to know and understand the dogs,” says Nazy. “To do that, the groomer must communicate with the client – are there any sensitive areas, how about any medical needs, etc. I make sure to always do that. It’s a service the clients and their dogs must receive.”

She welcomes clients to stay in her salon if they choose to do so. After all, it can be hard to part with your dog for even an hour! That’s why she is a much sought after dog groomer in Simi Valley. When it comes to making appointments, Nazy is on point. The time you make your appointment is exactly the time she starts grooming your dog. Over the years as a result of her top service, Nazy has built solid relationships with her many clients and, of course, their dogs.

One of her favorite aspects of the job? Meeting new, fellow dog lovers and their perfect pups!