Expert Dog Groomers in Simi Valley, CA

They're more than just dogs — they're part of the family.


At The Perfect Pups Spa, we groom each dog as if they were our own. We believe they deserve just as much love, care, and beautiful grooming as humans do, and it shows in our work. With love and the gentlest of touch, we groom your dogs using top-quality products while giving them the utmost care. Let our professional dog groomers in Simi Valley, CA, take care of your special companion. Both of you are sure to love the results.



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Why Come to Us for Professional Pet Grooming?

Your dog is more than just that; they’re your best friend and a part of the family. They deserve the very best grooming available, and that can only come from a place like The Perfect Pups Spa. Our local business is run by a dog lover with three of her own, who understands perfectly how important quality grooming is and how much pets mean to their owners. Behind every haircut we give to our furry friends are lots of love, care, and patience.

Our pet grooming and spa in Simi Valley, CA, accepts all breeds and sizes, adapting our services to each one. All of our appointments start on time, and the first step to each one is listening to any concerns and asking the right questions. Does your pet have any medical issues? Is your pet shy around strangers? Let us know, and we’ll accommodate any need. Once we begin, you’re welcome to leave and come back or stay as you like, whichever is convenient.

Well-Loved Local Dog Groomers

You can tell from our testimonials that most of our business is return clients. Owners and pets alike have enjoyed our services so much that they keep coming back for it again and again. From baths to haircuts and nail trimming, they know they can count on our professional pet grooming to get any dog looking, smelling, and feeling like a perfect pup should.

More importantly, we help your little one stay healthy and happy. For instance, our toenail trimming service makes walking easier for them and quieter for you, plus regular haircuts reduce shedding. We give your dog the exceptional service they need to be at their best and help them to love their spa days.

Contact us to make an appointment for your pup. We welcome all dogs and dog lovers from Simi Valley, California, and the surrounding areas.